Your Next Favorite Artist

You know I had to do another one…

I have a confession to make. A few months ago, I wasn’t so crazy about writing anymore. It had lost its lackluster. I just sort of felt like there wasn’t much reason to do it anymore. I didn’t think anyone was reading my posts anyway. I hadn’t really had any hits except for a few friends that I told about it. I was gonna hang it all up. The one thing that was supposed to make me happy. Just when I was gonna delete my page for good, along comes someone I didn’t expect would make me wanna keep writing again. That person is Solo and his brother C-Webb.

If you keep up with my blog, you might remember me mentioning them in my post titled “Not Rappers… Artists.” They are local rap artists in my home town. Solo came to me while I was taking out the trash and let me listen to one of his songs. I loved it. I loved the fact that it actually had lyrics and great ones at that, but that wasn’t the thing that I loved most about it. The thing I REALLY LOVED about it, was that it gave me an idea. Something to write about. More so, something that would end up being my most popular post in that month. He also helped me realize what I was missing in my writing that made people read it. The funny thing is, it was tags and new categories. I was only writing in one style, and about the same thing over and over. All it needed was a small change and it really changed my perspective of everything. Now, people actually read my writing. They even tell me that they love it. I never really got a chance to thank them for sort of paving the way for me, so this post is for them. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Oh you thought I was finished?…

Not quite yet… There are a couple of other artists that I need to mention that inspire me as well. First off, let me mention a guy that I know named Roger AKA “Willy.” I work with him at the college I cook for. He was formally one of the cooks, but now he works for catering. I finally got the opportunity to hear a snippet from one of his upcoming songs. This mans voice has such a melodic flow to it that I can’t even begin to describe. You would have to hear it for yourself to understand. That isn’t why I am writing about him though. He is always the one to give me awesome compliments on my writing. He even told me that I am a great writer and that he can’t wait to read my book when it’s finished(if it ever does get finished.) I just wanted to thank you for that man. You really keep me confident in my writing and it is greatly appreciated.

Last, but not least….

My boy Bennie…. I got the opportunity to meet him for the first time at work. It’s crazy how many great artist that I have the pleasure of working with and Bennie is definitely that. He let me hear a song that he is working on. The way he flows on his beats is just crazy. Not only that, but you really appreciate his lyrics because they are so real. He talks about his struggle from childhood to now and you can just relate to every verse. Get this though, he not only raps, but he sings as well…and it’s really good! Not that I am surprised though. Bennie is an awesome person in general and I hope he goes far in his music. Him and his group “North Gang” are working on releasing an album very soon. I really want to thank him though for always being the one to tell me how awesome my posts are. He is always willing to read them for me. Even when it’s randomly during lunch when I’m sure he would rather not be bothered. Thank you man. I appreciate the feedback.

All these guys have no idea how much they help me every day. I just hope they continue with their music because we really need good artists and they are definitely that. I’ll be one of the first ones in line for the albums too. Thanks guys. This post was for you.





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